We upgraded healthcare compliance software having features of dashboard reporting, audit management, automated tracking, risk assessment, incident management, exclusion monitoring and management of internal or external audits to assist compliance officers in efficiently managing everything.

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They asked to improve hospital management with a compliance program at an immense level to reduce the coherent challenges. They wanted such a system which contains some advanced features that strive to help keep the people healthcare in safe hands. Baarisoft was approached by the client to improve a compliance application to make it more effectively. The company worked closely with the client-consultant to create a tool which provides a complete healthcare compliance web solution.

When they hired Baarisofts, we had to address the following Challenges:

Our web developers at Baarisoft had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas and technical expertise.


The healthcare compliance industry program encompasses a wide range of facilities:

  • From hospital systems, health benefit plans, home health providers and long-term care facilities, to Medicaid contractors, laboratory facilities, pharmaceutical firms and children’s health centers.
  • We know that having an effective compliance program that closely adheres is part of client commitment to quality patient care.
  • We’ve built this solution with the largest healthcare networks to understand the unique challenges in this system, and then applied industry best practices to automate healthcare compliance processes with secure products.

Baarisoft has several inbuilt application for compliance technology, hospital management, customer app. Our software intuitiveness, scalability and security can strengthen your company’s healthcare compliance program and overall organization’s efficiency for patients.


The final product is easy-to-use, feature-rich and it reduces compliance issues. Not only it is appreciated by the customers but also highly recognized by various businesses. It consists of the following features:

Baarisoft successfully implemented this solution well within the given time frame. In fact, the client showed a great interest in extending more work with us. It was a great learning experience for Baarisoft to work on this challenging project.